Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance protects your business against damage to buildings and their contents from fire, theft, and other hazards.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

for businesses in South Florida,

Miami, Broward and Surrounding Areas.

Commercial Property insurance is one of the most common types of business insurances. Commercial property insures building, inventory, equipment, tools and more from losses from fire, break-in, vandalism, wind and other natural disasters. At ENG Insurance, our professional agents will work with you to guide you to find the best coverage for your business and assets while keeping a cost-effective plan in mind.

Running a business is important and it deserves great quality of protection and care. We also look at other exposures your business may have according to your personnel, location and future needs.

Commercial Property Insurance covers not only the building that your business owns or rents but also covers your equipment, tools, computers and furniture.

Commercial Property insurance and lessors risk covers four main area of loss including:

    • Building Space: Pays for repairs or replacement of building damage for construction and affixed items including furnaces, electrical and plumbing.
    • Contents within the building: Covers costs of damage or loss to all items not affixed to the property and held within or on the premises such as furniture, inventory, and supplies.
    • Other people’s property: Protects items under the business care, custody, or control.
    • Signs & marquees: Replaces or repairs signs and marquees, whether affixed to the building of free-standing, due to damage or loss from wind damage, vandalism, theft, or fire.

Commonly a commercial property policy excludes flood coverage. Our ENG insurance agents can help secure a separate policy to protect your business from a flood loss.

Every business owner with a physical location should have Commercial Property Insurance that covers the building, attached items, improvements, and sign. We service businesses with commercial properties across South Florida. Contact us to find out more about Commercial Property Insurance.

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