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We help manage specific needs for condo owners to make sure they cover their personal possessions and items both in the individual unit and outside the unit that are the owner's responsibility.

Condo Insurance for South Florida,

Miami, Broward and Surrounding Areas.

Florida Condo Insurance (HO6) Coverage

Condo insurance is commonly referred to as a HO-6 insurance policy. The condo insurance policy type is similar to homeowners insurance in that it covers your personal property, liability and some structural elements of your condo. It is different however as it offers limited protection for damage to the building that occurs outside of your condo. You can purchase condo insurance whether you own or are renting the property.

Do I need Condo Insurance?

Although condo insurance is not required by the state anymore it may be required by your association. Condo insurance is highly recommended. Condo insurance protects the condominium owner in the case of fire, theft, or a natural disaster. This type of coverage is usually referred to as “walls-in” insurance because it covers the interior structure of the unit as well as your personal property. This also includes flooring in the condominium.

Is Condo Insurance the same as Condo Association Insurance?

No, they are two different types of policies and covers different things. Condo Association insurance policies usually cover the structure of the building and the common areas. Condo insurance policies cover the inside of the condo.

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At ENG Insurance, we take the time to discuss your needs and expectations of a condo insurance policy. Our expert agents explain the policy and determine which company best satisfies your needs. We service clients across South Florida. Contact us to find out more about Condo Insurance policies.

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